• Head over to my new website www.crossingthelinesport.com Posted 22nd Oct

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  • The injury that has no quick fix

    The injury that has no quick fix Posted 7th Jun

    For the last few days I was in Canberra at the Australian Institute of Sport doing a course with my colleagues from Football Australia. The course was "Mental Health First Aid" and was run by the Australian Sports Commission. I was there because of my work in Player Development for... Read full post

  • Never too old for anything

    Never too old for anything Posted 7th Jun

    One of the things I have been hearing about a bit recently is the notion that when people retire at the age of 55-60, many hunker down for the long haul towards their meeting with the mystery. 55-60 is NOT old but the phrases "i'm too old for that" , "that... Read full post

  • Up and Running

    Up and Running Posted 2nd Jun

    One of my favourite things in the world is moving out of my comfort zone in any way I can. Physically, the feeling you get from moving out of the comfort zone is addictive......we all know it. It feels like a mixture of dread and excitement where your head... Read full post

  • What’s the big deal with pressure? Posted 21st Aug

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  • Crossing the Line – The challenge of transition Posted 21st Aug

    So the curtain has descended on another epic Olympic cycle. As London prepares to deal with the post Olympic comedown and adjust to normality again, the athletes themselves must adjust to a new way of being, devoid of that singular focus that has occupied their lives for the last four... Read full post

  • Thoughts on Ireland’s great Olympic Performance Posted 21st Aug

    This 2012 Irish Olympic memory will be owned, once again by our amazing boxing team. They have a way of going about their business which is a great example  to the rest of the team of how to do it. Billy Walsh and his team have found a formula that, combined... Read full post

  • The morning of Katie’s Big Day Posted 21st Aug

    Ever wonder what it might feel like when you wake up on the day you might change your life forever? Katie Taylor woke up this morning feeling more alive than she ever has in her life. It’s Olympic final day. It’s a day she has been dreaming about... Read full post

  • Olympic musings. Week1sailing through pressure Posted 21st Aug

    When people ask me how I put myself through racing at that level for so many years, I couldn’t really explain it. I didn’t really know it myself. Now I can see that one of the reasons I did it was to experience that surge of relief, endorphins... Read full post

  • Vintage Vino leaves a bad taste Posted 21st Aug

    Vintage Vino leaves a bad taste   One of the weirdest things for me, when I participated in the Olympics, was waking up the day after the opening ceremony and venturing down to the dining hall to grab some food before a training session and seeing people with Olympic medals already... Read full post

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